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The Chestnut Consortium aims to promote and nurture appreciation for the chestnut groves of Valle Camonica

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Who We Are

The chestnut consortium

Reclaiming part of our history, remembering the enormous economic and social importance chestnut groves played in the municipalities of the Valley until the 1960s.

In recent decades this priceless legacy has been “forgotten”, but the Consortium’s goal is to reclaim this important custom from the past.

The Consortium aims to:


the recovery and economic-productive upgrading of Valle Camonica’s chestnut groves, contributing to the redevelopment and protection of mountain areas;


the tradition of chestnuts also for agritourism


job opportunities and develop specific professional skills.

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Accommodation facilities in the area are affiliated for organizing holiday stays and hospitality.

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“I'm tough, round, coffee color. I'm locked in a hedgehog but not on a whim, I'm in the mountains, my name is Castagna! "