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Chestnut honey


100% honey from Valle Camonica


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Visual exam

Physical state – Chestnut honey is liquid, with a slow crystallization process, not always regular.
Color – The color is more or less dark amber, with a reddish hue in liquid honey; light brown if crystallized.

Olfactory examination

Odor intensity – at least intense.
Odor description – The odor is very characteristic; aromatic, floral.

Taste test

Taste – Sweet in flavor; normally acidic; component that can vary from the most delicate to the strongest bitterness.
Aroma intensity – The aroma is at least intense.
Aroma description – The aroma is characteristic, similar to the smell.
Persistence – it is very persistent especially in the bitter component.

More info

  • Nutritional values

    100 g of chestnut honey provide 320 calories (kcal), equivalent to 1339.78 kJoule

    • Saturated fat 0g
    • Carbohydrates 82g
    • Sugars 82g
    • 0g fiber
    • Protein 0,20g
    • Salt 0g
  • Consigli di conservazione

    Conservare in luogo fresco ed asciutto lontano da luce e fonti di calore

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